About Us

Meet Maureen

Maureen Williamson-Collins – VP of Creative Design

Maureen is the creative one. After graduating from the Hussian School of Art, Maureen spread her passion for the special events industry to all of us. She is the one who can turn a simple bundle of flowers into a piece of art. Her talent truly amazes and inspires us. We know she will do the same for you. Maureen sees the world with a true artist’s eye. It’s not uncommon for Maureen to listen quietly on the side while we hash out the words of an event proposal. Before we know it, she is turning those dry words into vibrant and unique sketches or floral samples. It’s a collaborative process that we love doing every day.

We are all well aware that it is on her “hand painted” coat tails that we all ride. Nothing leaves the building without Maureen’s seal of approval.